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Kid's Corner


Lyla King

Life By The Spirit


Pastor Bob Combs

Hanging Rock Church of the Brethren

A Case For Christ

Hi! I’m Lyla. Today I want to talk to you about a movie called A Case For Christ. A Case For Christ was originally a book written by Lee Strobel. The movie was really great at backing up the truth of God with some real life evidence. People of all ages can watch this movie. This movie really shows how anyone can become a Christian, even the strongest atheist. And God will always forgive you no matter what you did or said.


I strongly think this is a great movie to show your church or anyone really. One time someone came to my church and told us something very important. Right now every atheist is spiritually drowning and we have the materials to save them. But if we choose not to only the obvious will happen. That’s also why we need movies like this to really show us the truth that we have been blinded from.


This movie is amazing from its genre to its actors. A Case for Christ featured a main character who was trying to prove that there is no God but he failed. He found something greater - God’s love. Mike Vogel’s character, Lee Strobel if you didn’t guess this is who I’m talking about. And playing Lee Strobel’s wife Leslie Strobel, Erika Christensen did an extraordinary job. This movie featured many great actors one of my favorite was L. Scott Caldwell as Allie Davis. Many other roles are played in A Case for Christ. Grant Goodeve starred as Mr. Cook and Tom Nowicki as Dr. Alexander.


This is the movie to watch if you’re lost or broken, need evidence, or just love Christian movies. I definitely recommend this movie. This is the perfect family movie. I hope you enjoy this movie as much as I did. Until next week on Kids Corner! This is Lyla Belle signing out.

Brothers and sisters, you are called to be free—use your freedom.  To live a Christian life, do not indulge the flesh but serve one another and be humble in love.  The entire law is fulfilled in keeping this one command.  Love your neighbor as yourself, it you stay angry with each other, you will be destroyed by each other.

So I way walk by the Spirit and peace will not gratify the desires what is contrary to the spirit.  They are in conflict with each other so you are not to do whatever you want.  If you are led by the Spirit, you are no under the Law.

The sins of the flesh are obvious:  Sexual immorality, impurity, debauchery, idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, discord, jealously, fits of rage, being selfish, ambition, dissention and anger.  Those who are like this will not inherit the Kingdom of Heaven of God.  The Fruits of the Spirit are love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, gentleness and self-control.  When we live by the Spirit, let us keep in step with the Spirit.

So let’s love one another with all our love!

MT Food & Health Writer

Rachel Wolde

Haystacks? What's That?

By Rachel Wolde

MT Food & Health writer

I'll ask again, haystacks? What's that? If you didn't grow up attending the seventh day Adventist school I did, or something of the like, you probably have no clue. This quick and simple, child fun recipe, is one the entire family can enjoy making together. Though I prefer mine vegan, each plate can be tailored to every individual's taste.

When I was younger, I attended a private school for seven years. All food choices offered for school lunch were vegetarian. One day I couldn't wait to eat lunch was Wednesday. Wednesdays were haystack day. This was one day of the week, even children who typically brought lunch from home, they would buy school lunch.

Though vegetarian with the capacity of human consumption, haystacks are not stacks of hay. Nor are they boring or plain in any way. Haystacks are very interactive with a variety of food choices and many variations. So what are haystacks you ask? I'll stop horsing around, pun intended, and get more into what haystacks are.

Haystacks actually have three distinct variations according to the information found on Wikipedia, as well as other research can show. These variations consist of the Adventist, Mennonite, and Mormon styles. I only knew of the Adventist way being as though my private school was Seventh-Day Adventist. For all intents and purposes of this recipe, I'll stick with the Adventist variation.

Haystacks are essentially nothing more than a taco salad. Typically you start the plate with some type of Frito or tortilla style chip. Then comes the protein. For me, it's usually some type of bean or quinoa. For those who eat meat, it’s some type of ground meat.

Following the protein comes other garnishes like corn and lettuce, then salsa, sour cream, and cheese.

As mentioned, nothing is a must, and each plate varies according to the individuals' taste. If I'm using quinoa or “ground crumbles”  from brands like Beyond Meat or Gardein as the protein, I'll use taco seasoning. I might indulge in vegan cheese, but usually, I stick with avocado or guacamole over vegan sour cream. If I recall correctly, at school, the haystack consisted of corn chips, then the seasoned bean mixture followed by salsa, lettuce, cheese, and sour cream.


Get these simple ingredients on your next shopping trip and enjoy a fun-filled night with the family.

●     bag of corn or tortilla style chips

●     Bag of vegan style crumbles

●     1 pack taco seasoning

●     Can of black beans (or beans of choice)

●     1 bag shredded lettuce or head of lettuce to shred

●     1 jar salsa

●     Bag of vegan shredded cheese of choice

●     Oil of choice

Optional ingredients to add

●     Corn (fire-roasted tastes best)

●     Vegan sour cream

●     Avocado

●     Tomatoes

1. Add vegan crumbles and oil to a skillet on medium heat to cook

2. In separate pots, heat beans, and corn

3. While crumbles beans and corn are cooking, shred lettuce if necessary and cut avocado

4. Prepare cheese, salsa, and sour cream if necessary

5. Mix taco seasoning to crumbles

6. Once done the cooking and preparing everything, start preparing the plates

7. With these ingredients the order would go as follows: chips, then crumbles, beans and corn followed by lettuce, salsa and avocado, then cheese and sour cream on top.

8. As mentioned, the ingredients can go in any order and any ingredient can be included or excluded at the individual's choice.

9. If there are ingredients not included in the list, feel free to add toppings of your choice

10. Pick up a chip and dig in.

11. Enjoy and refrigerate left over's, if you have any!

Patriot Profile -

Jeremiah Denton


Cmdr. Jeremiah Denton Jr. was a Navy pilot flying missions over Vietnam. He was a dedicated aviator that loved America. He led by example. On July 18, 1965, his A-6 Intruder jet left the deck of the USS Independence in the South China Sea, leading his squadron of 28 jets.

His mission was to destroy a series of military warehouses at Thanh Hoa that laid 75 miles south of Hanoi. As he flew over the Thanh Hoa Bridge on the Ma River, his aircraft was riddled with antiaircraft fire from the ground. His jet went into a tailspin and he ruptured a tendon in his left thigh as he tried to regain control.


Cmdr. Denton’s bombardier-navigator was Lt. Bill Tschudy. It was impossible to regain control to continue the mission or retreat and both men ejected out and were captured. For the next seven years and seven months Cmdr. Denton was a prisoner of war (POW) and incarcerated in different prison including the infamous “Hanoi Hilton”. Four years of that time was spent in solitary confinement. He was tortured, beaten, and starved but he refused to give up.


He encouraged his men to resist and was often beaten some more for that. He and the other men established a chain of command, a communication system, and a measure of discipline, which strengthened and encouraged them. “I put out the policy that they were not to succumb to threats but must stand up and say no,” he told The New York Times in 1973.


Tensions continued to climb between Vietnam and the United States. His captors decided to produce a propaganda interview to be broadcast on Japanese television and selected him to be the one to lie to the world and say the POW’s were being treated fairly. They picked the wrong man.


As he sat in front of the glaring TV lights and camera he continued to blink. His eyes seemed to not be able to adjust to the brightness. Back in America, military officials noticed that he was blinking in Morse code. He was repeating T-O-R-T-U-R-E over and over again. The U.S. then knew what they suspected – prisoners were being tortured and abused. His captors didn’t realize that he had sent the message until it was too late.


They beat him all night for the crafty stunt and for making the statement -“I don’t know what is happening in Vietnam because the only news sources I have are North Vietnamese. But whatever the position of my government is, I believe in it, I support it, and I will support it as long as I live.”


He relied on his Catholic faith and God to sustain him through it all. While encouraging the other POW’s to resist their captors he endured many months of torture and pain. During his captivity, he was promoted to captain and was also awarded the Navy Cross. 


In 1973 he was released and upon arriving at Clark Air Base he stated: “We are honored to have had the opportunity to serve our country under difficult circumstances.”


He returned a hero and was promoted to Rear Admiral. He was shocked to see such disrespect for the government and flag of the country that he nearly died for. He became the U.S. Senator from Alabama. He told of his ordeal in his book “When Hell Was in Session” which later was made into a 1979 NBC television movie starring Hal Holbrook and Eva Marie Saint.     


Before going to Congress he was the commandant of the Armed Forces Staff College in Norfolk, Va. until his retirement in 1977.


He openly shared his faith in God and his love for the USA. He founded the Coalition for Decency, an organization promoting family values. He also served as a consultant to the Christian Broadcasting Network and to his friend Pat Robertson, founder of the Christian Coalition, and was a strong supporter of the military and also the contra rebels in Nicaragua.


Commander Denton died on March 28, 2014, leaving a legacy of how an American Patriot should live.

Cont from front pg Confusion

discussions as well. I am a crown prince in many circles, a royalty if you will. Many say they do not know me and that is why I am here today, not to take anything away that has already been said or done just to tweak some things possibly and let you know I do exist. I am a chosen vessel to many, “Oh you did not know this?” Well, I am and proud of it, you don’t get many invites and so I take all I can get, never turning down any that come my way. I was really wasn’t as popular as I am today since word has gotten out about how I can change lives, well, what was I to do but step in and change lives. Look at all the good I do. There are children and adults on so many different drugs today that business is booming and yes, I take full credit for this and it’s good for my reputation as well: don’t fool yourself! It took me years to polish my gift and I have taken it to a level that all the world notices, yes, not always receiving the credit but, I can still gloat and I do! I have started oh so many fights you would not believe it, well, just the mention of my gifts brings so many to ignorance and I for one could not be happier. I help people take away parts of their lives that so often hurt themselves even though they wish not to admit it. I walk the lonely roads, I’m in the backrooms, I’m in the bars, politics and yes, even your own churches. I work on minds, hearts, wallets, ambitions and more. But, out of all the people I work closely with, I so love working with the church. They are wonderful people! So full of themselves and not God and that is my kind of atmosphere to work in. I stir up the pastor, the leaders and yes those who attend as well. I micromanage if you will and I do a fine job of it! I have the church questioning all the word of God and they can’t figure out what is going on or who done it and I laugh with such a sinister laugh! I am a devilish one but what would you expect from one who was birthed from Belia himself, I am one of his right-hand men. You see I am so much more than you realized and did not expect or saw that I just had to come and let you know of my wonderful self and I hope that the next time you run into a situation, you will call on me and I will be there to help you and advise you on every step you need to take. Oh, before I go, I do want to leave you with this last thought, when you do call on me, expect me to not leave your side and when your life is over, I go with you to your final resting place and I must say, it is a very bright place here and the temps never do drop and people seem to well, you’ll see it for yourself once you are here.

Confusion ©

Written by” David Brown

December 29, 2019