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Pope addresses tech leaders


Urges moral responsibility


By MT Staff reporter Jeff McCoy


Each generation finds the barriers to pornography lower than the one before it. Porn is not a new issue however its dissemination across all platforms, its ability to reach anyone at any age as proven to harm children.


Just a few generations ago porn was only available to adults in age-restricted stores or mail order. Today anyone, including children, with a cell phone can reach a porn site for free and sometimes by accident.


Pope Francis called for tech companies to be morally responsible. “I make an urgent appeal to them to assume their responsibility toward minors, their integrity, and their future,” he said. The Pope has often called on companies and countries to not only follow the law but to also be fair to workers, citizens and to protect children, the poor and oppressed.


According to Catholic News Agency, Pope Francis addressed executives from Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Google, Facebook and Paramount Pictures at the Vatican in a Nov. 14-15 meeting on promoting child dignity online.


“Such companies are bound not only to respect the law but also to be concerned with the direction taken by the technological and social developments which they produce and promote since such developments are far ahead of the laws that would seek to regulate them,” he said.


As pornography is produced and devoured at alarmingly increasing rates, and access is free and open, many more people, adults, children, men, and women find themselves caught up in a never-ending cycle of viewing porn for many hours a week.


Millions of dollars are spent on child pornography, which is illegal in the U.S. each month. Missing and kidnapped children are sometimes found in a sophisticated network of predators that sell and rent them.


Staff reporter Jeff McCoy can be reached at

Pope selects Cardinal Tagle for Vatican post


Pope Francis has selected Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle of Manila in the Philippines as the new prefect of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples. The position is a high ranking post with easy contact with the Holy Father.

Cardinal Tagle not only shares the same love of the Church and Christ as Pope Francis but also is filled with compassion for the opposed and poor just like his pope. Cardinal Tagle has spent time with the poor, sometimes traveling great distances by bicycle to reach those in need. He appears to be humble and dedicated to his faith and now his new mission.

Pope Francis has spent time with the homeless, invited to hungry into his dining room and even invited the poor to his birthday party. Cardinal

Tagle has invited the hungry beggars to his residence for a meal, traveled alone to the poor and oppressed and is known for his giving spirit. Both men share common ground.

The Papal Nuncio Archbishop Gabriele Caccia spoke at mass in the Manila Cathedral and stated “If this is the will of God, I am happy to let you go like mothers and fathers when they see their children find their way. They are happy to see them go, even if they suffer because they are leaving the house. Now every one of you stand, please. Raise your right hand to bless the cardinal and we pray for him and for his mission to the Universal Church and the blessing will be the prayer of our Mother so that on this very day he will continue to repeat the yes from that time in Nazareth that has come to us and each one of us send the cardinal as the best gift we have to send to the Universal Church.”


Cardinal Tagle was overwhelmed and cried as the Archbishop spoke. The congregation was moved as Cardinal Tagle spoke of his new mission and about being ready to accept whatever God had planned for him. He said he would be like Mary and using a quote from her in the bible said, “Be it done to me according to your word”.


Pope Francis has shaken the foundation of the traditional church. He has spoken often about the poor, the immigrant, and the basic God-given rights that all mankind should have. Cardinal Tagle has subscribed to that exact standard. It would appear that the Holy Father is placing people in positions that will ensure his policies will carry on even after his death.


Staff reporter Jeff McCoy can be reached at