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The News That Matters Podcast

Berkeley County West Virginia Sheriff candidate Mike Laing joins us again to talk about different tools he would use as a sheriff to help in the war on drugs. He tells us about how the public is viewing his ideas and what support he is getting from voters. Tune in here

Berkeley County Sheriff candidate John Orem returns to our show and is joined by his wife Sher Orem. John talks about what he sees for future changes in Berkeley County. His wife discusses how hard it has been and what sacrifices have been made for her husband to become a civil servant. Orem brings two backgrounds to the race first as a businessman and second as a former police officer. After being attacked by the good ‘ol boy system, (where there has not been a single charge that resulted in a conviction) he believes he has a new understanding and can relate to those that are falsely accused.

Tune in HERE

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Cosby Davis is our special guest today. She is a Registered Nurse and the director of Good Samaritan Free Health Care. She has been a nurse for 45 years. She volunteers time to the homeless, poor and those most in need. She will be helping us understand the COVID-19 pandemic and how we should be dealing with it.
Helpful hints from a health care professional. Don't miss it!

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Professional driver Andy Anderson shares what is is like to be a truck driver during the COVID-19 pandemic and other hardships that the men and women that bring goods and food to us daily face.

He helps understand why we need to share the road with each other especially has they are bringing food and supplies into our communities.

Driver Andy Anderson Artist Name
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Join us as Berkeley County Sheriff candidate Nathan Harmon speaks with us about accusations against him by former sheriff Randy Smith, his plan to end the "good 'ol boy" mindset, and how he will use his experience as an award winning West Virginia State Trooper to restore trust and confidence in the sheriff's department.

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Berkeley County Sheriff candidate Mike Laing and his designated chief Scot Richmond join us for a talk about what they would do if elected into office.

Mike Laing MP3Artist Name
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Berkeley Co Sheriff candidate Davy Jones talks about how he would bring IT into the dept and what he would do with his bonus if elected.

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Stacy Huntington Graham shares her nightmare story about addiction and the road out of street drugs

Stacy Graham interview MP3Artist Name
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Berkeley County Sheriff candidate John Orem speaks with us about what he would do if he is elected sheriff. Orem comes from a law enforcement background and brings his vast business experience into the race. The multiple-business owner will rely on his financial success as well as his years as a police officer.

Pastor Snyder returns from the Promised Land

The Missions Tribune reporter Lyla King shares her views. Very uplifting!

Graphic warning! The news from the war front in Cameroon

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