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"Unlike the early patriot press, today’s newsrooms and journalists are mostly hostile to America’s founding principles, traditions, and institutions. They do not promote free speech and press freedom, despite their self-serving and selfrighteous claims."  -- Mark R. Levin

         From his book Unfreedom of the Press

Welcome to The Missions Tribune. We are a faith-based paper seeking and reporting on the truth. We cover humanitarian and mission news that many times is ignored by the mainstream media. The "4th Estate is very important. We take our job seriously. We know you deserve no less.



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Joseph Custer -  Publisher

Joe is the publisher of The Missions Tribune. He manages a stable of talented writers seven days a week. Joe has been a very large asset to The Missions Tribune loaning talent, reporters and funds to keep the publications up and running. He has set a mandate that stories be written fairly and without bias and that some of the news be about those that are struggling. A crusader at heart he seeks justice daily in an unjust world.

                                                        Herbert Boh - Contributing Editor

Herbert Boh is a Cameroonian born journalists. His 34-year journalism, public relations and communications career includes jobs as Reporter, Assignment Editor, Sports Editor and Political Affairs Editor at Cameroon's Radio and Television Corporation (CRTV). He is the founder of Cameroon's first weekly newsmagazine, Newswatch and served as the Managing Editor of Cameroon's leading French-language newspaper, La Nouvelle Expression. He has also served as a correspondent for the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), the French News Agency (AFP) and the pan-African Gabon-based French-language radio station, Africa Number One. He is a democracy, human rights and press freedom activist. He is former Secretary-General of the Union of Cameroon Journalists. His public relations and communications jobs have been as Communications Officer for the United Nations and as Senior Communications Officer 12 years for the World Bank Group. Since retiring early from the World Bank Group two years ago, he has focused on campaigning for press freedom, human rights and democracy in Africa. He speaks four languages.

Jeff McCoy Editor-In-Chief

Jeff McCoy has spent years writing for the voiceless. With domestic and overseas experience he has seen some of the worst types of news. Getting in close, living with immigrants and the homeless, working on political campaign trails, working in dangerous areas interviewing drug dealers and covering human trafficking has placed him in a unique position to learn about the people that he writes about.

A background on Wall Street where he passed the Investment Advisor Law Exam, Series 7 and series 63 placed him in a unique position to learn how business work. Then moving to Los Angeles where he worked in the film industry trained him for A/V production which works well for the podcast productions underway with The Missions Tribune and Africa Freedom Network.


Now working with the dedicated staff and writers at The Missions Tribune he seeks each opportunity to bring the issues to the forefront of the least, the lost and the forgotten.

Merkebu Woldemariam - Reporter in Africa

Merkebu is stationed in Africa. Filing where he can find a hotspot, risking his life for the story, working in tough conditions is not a problem for this man. He gets the story for you. We may not always be able to make contact but we know that he is on the job and a story will be filed as soon as he can reconnect with the rest of the world.

Rachel Wolde - Health Feature Writer

Rachel doesn't just know health and food she lives it. Her passion is overwhelming and that spills over into every edition of The Missions Tribune. Healthy foods, healthy lifestyles are just up her alley. She finds natural medicines for daily living, great recipes (that she prepares) and then fills her section of the paper with facts and fun that you will love.

Lyla Belle King - Kid's Corner

Lyla is dedicated to providing information to our youngest readers. Her passion and dedication help her find films, music and other things that she has found helpful in her daily life. Even adults can enjoy her fresh approach and views of things that are right and wholesome.

Sarah Newsome - Feature Reporter

Sarah writes with compassion and spends the time needed to research a story. She'll burn the shoe leather to chase down every detail. She is dedicated, hard-working and wants to share the story of the people that she writes about. She can also cover hard news when needed and quick to walk the extra mile for her readers.

Angel Davis - Research Analyst


Angel does the heavy lifting when it comes to checking and double-checking the facts. She is also the first one that reporters turn to to find information that may be hidden deep in a server in some far off, long-forgotten place. She makes sure that the news we provide to you is facts and not fake. This takes a lot of time and phone calls but she never fails us - or you!

David Brown - Columnist

David Brown is a co-pastor with his wife Joyce in Fresh Anointing Kingdom Ministries located in Augusta, WV. He has been writing for several years now, mostly poetry which won “Top Ten” in the nation and is now working on some books with his wife. He is also one of the radio voices you will hear on their internet radio station. David has many interests and talks about them frequently on their social media and the radio station as well. What David writes about is very serious to him and takes on a style of it’s own that everyone will find hard to put down!

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