Netflix Indicted in Texas Over “Cuties” Film

Netflix, the movie streaming company that has over 182 million subscribers, has been indicted by a Texas grand jury last month. The indictment stems from the controversial French film “Cuties” was is also known by the title “Mignonnes”. It was released on Netflix on Sept. 9. The grand jury in Tyler County found that Netflix was allegedly promoting “lewd visual material” of a child and that Netflix did “knowingly promote visual material which depicts the lewd exhibition of the genitals or pubic area of a clothed or partially clothed child who was younger than 18 years of age at the time the visual material was created, which appeals to the prurient interest in sex, and has no serious, literary, artistic, political, or scientific value.”


The film follows an 11-year-old Muslim girl living in Paris who joins a dance crew.


Many subscribers have dropped Netflix over the film claiming it exploits and sexualizes children. Washington D.C. lawmakers including Texas Sen

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Senate Panel Seeks Facebook and Other Tech Company CEO’s Testimony


Facebook and Twitter have scrubbed post and statements that they feel is false or dangerous. Many people today, especially younger people, trust social media sites for all of their news. A false statement can go viral within minutes and the more it is shared the more people trust it.


The problem is conservatives and Christians have seen their pages suspended or posts removed while other harmful information manages to slip through and stay up. Facebook issued a statement on what they were doing to stop false news. It read in part; “False news is harmful to our community, it makes the world less informed, and it erodes trust. It's not a new phenomenon, and all of us— tech 


Pell Returns to Vatican


Cardinal’s Jail Time May Have Been a Setup to Remove him From Vatican

Cardinal George Pell was convicted but later absolved by Australia’s High Court of molesting two choirboys in the 1990’s in Melbourne when he was archbishop. In a strange twist of events Pope Francis has called him back to the Vatican to unravel a financial mystery, specifically the missing money from Cardinal Angelo Becciu’s accounts.


Becciu is in the middle of allegations that he may have bought the testimony of one of Pell’s accusers when he wired 700,000 euros ($823,000) in Vatican money to a bank account in Australia as reported by the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera.


“In relation to what has been published by some organs of information, I categorically deny any interference in the trial of Cardinal Pell,” Becciu said in a statement released by his lawyer, Fabio Viglione.


Becciu has been involved with different questionable deals where millions of euros have been lost, much of


Location of Leah Sharibu

still unknown


Christian girl held by terrorist


It is hard to believe that Leah Sharibu is almost forgotten. She is not in the news and what we do get is rumors of rumors. What a shame. This young girl was kidnapped by ISWAP from their school in Dapchi, Yobe state on 19 February 2018 and is still held because she will not denounce in faith in Jesus Christ.


Pray for Leah and for safe release that she may be reunited with her family.


Children in Poverty Less Involved in Extracurricular Activities



7.2 Million Children in Full-Time Poverty in U.S.

Chart from U.S. Census Bureau

Extracurricular activities give children a chance to discover a new world, to check their interests, to discover a life-long passion. It also helps them develop social skills, make friends and develop a plan for their future, and also become proficient in their chosen field which can help with scholarships to offset some of the high and growing cost of


Meals on Wheels


Still delivering without fail during pandemic







The non-profit organization Berkeley County Meals on Wheels has been carrying out its mission since 1971. Countless meals have been prepared and delivered to the elderly and to people that are unable to leave their homes. By default, the delivery of fresh, hot food also serves as a welfare check for many that live alone. About 1,000 meals are delivered each week. Two of their recipients are World War Two vets.


The home-cooked style meals are prepared and delivered by volunteers. They seem to take great joy in helping people in


Lyla ad.jpg

Hello Kids Corner!


How are you today? How did your weekend go? I must say this Sunday, for me, was extravagant. I went to church with my best friend. And I’ve been going to her youth group for a while. I’ve made some new friends there as well.


I was thinking we could do a word of the week. So today’s word is Toilsome. Its meaning is “involving hard or difficult work or great effort.” Actually, I got it from an app titled “Word of the Day.” This word sometimes reminds me of school. I’ve finished one hundred three assignments. I can’t imagine what older kids have. I know one of my friends that lives in West Virginia went back to school on Monday! Have you gone back? And if so, how different is it?


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They've Got Nothing on Judge Amy Barrett

The Supreme Court fight of the century is, so far, a fizzle.


The ratio of progressive outrage over the nomination of federal Judge Amy Coney Barrett to supposed reasons that the U.S. Senate shouldn't confirm her is completely out of whack -- there's a surfeit of the former and almost none of the latter.


Barrett has received extraordinary testimonials from her colleagues and students, who say she is brilliant, conscientious and kind. The opposition has countered with a dog's breakfast of nonsense, including that her confirmation hearing can't be held in the middle of a pandemic -- when the Senate has continued its business since the pandemic began.


Upon her selection, media outlets ran a spate of stories about her reported membership in a Catholic group called People of Praise, linking the group to the dystopian novel "The Handmaid's Tale." What Barrett's life and career have to do with the imagined misogynistic world of the novel was never clear -- she's a mother of seven who has ascended to the very top of her profession with the


Housing Complex Allegedly Removes Bibles from Common Areas


HUD Investigating

The Christian faith continues to come under attack in the U.S. Wilhoit Properties, Incorporated headquartered at 1329 S. Lark St. Springfield Missouri has allegedly sent an email to the 116 assisted living facilities and apartments that they manage asking managers to remove Bibles and any Christian literature from the common areas and libraries that are shared by residents. The company manages more than 200 properties in 16 states.


That move prompted a resident at the Carriage Crossing apartment complex to send a letter voicing their concern about the new policy to Housing and Urban Development Secretary Dr. Ben Carson.


Carson issued a press release stating that he “has initiated a Complaint against the owner and manager of senior apartments in Oklahoma for violating the Fair Housing Act by removing Bibles and Christian reading material from the common areas. The Fair Housing Act prohibits discrimination in housing and in housing-related services based on religion and other protected characteristics.”


Secretary Carson noted that the letter he received from the resident at the Carriage Crossing apartment complex stated they were upset that the management demanded the removal of religious reading material from the common areas and angel ornaments from the complex’s Christmas


No High Like The Most High



Alan Myers Column

My best friend is in jail right now. He calls me every week and we talk about God, and the bible. He did 11 years so far and has 5 more to go. He loves God very much. But he was addicted to heroin for many years. One day when he felt he needed to get high, because a heroin addict can become very sick when he doesn’t have it, decided to commit a crime. He robbed the local gas station for cash. So he got 16 years for nothing more than one more fix.


There is no high like the most high. When you are

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