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Trump makes personal appearance at March For Life


Crowd packed Mall and streets

see story here

Stacy Huntington Graham Interview
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Valerie Ledford Candidate for Berkeley Co. Board of Education Podcast

PBM Therapy and Wound Management Conference held at Shep U

A Photobiomodulation Therapy and Wound Management conference took place on January 29, in the Robert C. Byrd Center for Congressional History and Education auditorium. Shepherd University’s School of Nursing hosted the conference which featured James Carroll, founder and CEO, Thor Photomedicine, Ltd., Dr. Praveen Arany, assistant professor, oral biology and biomedical engineering, School of Dental Medicine, Engineering and                                see more here

Christians face record hardships in 2020


Open Doors World Watch List released


8 Christians die for faith each day



In the United States, where many churches sit empty, freedom of religion has been taken for granted. Not so in many other nations. In some hot spots around the world just to confess Jesus    see more here

WV HB 4018 would require new work requirement for adult Medicaid recipients


Over 40k people could lose benefits


By staff reporter Jeff McCoy


President Trump has released his budget proposal. The military, NASA and the border wall would gain large increases if the proposal was to pass as written. The environment, elderly see more here

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Berkeley County Sheriff candidate John Orem joins us on this Podcast

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Trump budget proposal released


Heavy cuts for elderly, poor and environment



President Donald Trump has released his $4.8 trillion 2021 budget. It proposes increases in military spending, NASA and Homeland Security. It’s a $700 billion surge over 2018 levels. To come in at that number cuts were made in areas that will be sure to give strength to Democratic candidates on the campaign trail. The Environmental Protection Agency, Education, Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program and    subscribe for more

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The David Brown Column

“I’m here for the interview!” “What do you mean I have to wait; do you know who I am?” “I truly wonder if the people here today really know who I am or well, I guess they’ll find out in a few huh?”


“See, I’ve been walking around with people for some time now and it really is quite satisfying to know that I am welcomed the world over. Much to my chagrin, it’s not that hard doing what I do. I’m just one part of a handful of players each with their set goals that are to be met daily and we

see Jealousy - cont here

This edition is filled with “The News That Matters”. We’ve been busy. Mark Wolde is in Africa getting us a front-row seat to hardships that we in America would have a hard time surviving.


We covered the Pro-Life March in Washington, DC. President Trump addressed the crowd in person – a first for any president. The crowd spilled into the streets. I’ve covered this event for more EDITORIAL here

Father Gallagher speaks about pro life issue


Leading by example



Father Thomas Gallagher is a very quiet and humble man. Preferring to lead by example he brings his flock into the church with compassion and humility. His views on the pro-life issue are full of compassion and a great amount of patience.     see more here