National Baptist Convention introduces a new health outreach program


Sports and entertainment celebs join in


The National Capital Baptist Convention (N.C.B.C.), led by Reverend Charles McNeill, Jr., has decided to reach out to communities that are struggling with the COVID-19 pandemic. During a time of social unrest over the killing of George Floyd and amid of so much distrust the NCBC has developed a program to provide resources to help 20 million Americans see more here

Our guest today is Mike Folk. He is running for governor of West Virginia. Mike is no stranger to Charleston politics- He served the people in the House of Delegates and represented Berkeley County’s 63rd District from 2012 to 2018. He has an MBA from WVU. He is a commercial airline pilot flying Boeing 757 and 767’s. He has been a high school teacher. He is also a farmer and he and his family resides in Berkeley County WV.


San Francisco archbishop speaks out against damage to Junipero Serra statue


Archbishop Salvadore Cordileone of San Francisco has condemned the damage to the Junipero Serra statue. The statue represents Junipero Serra, a Catholic priest that helped bring Catholicism to the Western United States. The statue is located in Golden Gate   Read more HERE

Still serving their community


Capon Bridge Public Library finds a way to still serve during the pandemic


Capon Bridge , WV- The Capon Bridge Public Library sits nestled on Route 50. The street is lined with businesses, the fire department, a gas station, and a restaurant. The Cacapon

see more here

Location of Leah Sharibu

still unknown


Christian girl held by terrorist


February 19, 2018 is a day that should be remembered by Christians around the world. It is the day that 110 school girls, ranging in ages of 11-19 years old were kidnapped the Government Girls' Science and Technical College in Dapchi, in the northeast part of Nigeria. Five of the school girls died the same day. All the others were released in March 2018 except Leah Sharibu because she refused to deny her faith in Jesus Christ and convert to Islam.


Much effort has been made to locate her. Rumors claim that she has become a wife to a terrorist leader and has given birth to

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The David Brown Column

Well, ladies and gentlemen, this is probably going to be the last installment as I know you are anxiously awaiting the return of your main writer and I do understand, as I would want the very same thing if it was me who was in your position.


But, I felt this was an important matter that needed to be addressed, like the elephant in the room once and for all, get it out in the open in the hopes for open discussion as well, as repentance, and coming back into right standing with God, our Heavenly Father! So, I

see  Ichabod - cont here

National Association of Social Workers New Jersey says Trumps EO on Police Reform not enough


“Numerous reforms needed”


New Jersey Social workers claim President Trump’s executive order on police reform falls short of changes needed across the nation. In an open letter from the National Association of Social Workers in New Jersey, they address no-knock warrants, chokeholds, and systemic 

     read more here

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